How to Save a Baby from a Baby Abuser on Club Penguin?

Answer Have you ever seen a poor little baby being abused on Club Penguin and you don't know what to do? Read on!

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What was the children's TV show from the 1990's that featured a snake and a penguin called?

Eat them.Throw them at people.Paint them pink. It's Blue Peter, who actually watched that ?

How to Get Rid of a Club Penguin Baby?

Are you sick of your Club penguin baby being a brat, but don't want to kill them or abuse of them because you don't want to be banned? Well, you found your solution to your annoying problem.

How to Say No to a Club Penguin Baby?

A cute baby lookYour baby is So cute but they ask for something you don't want to get. If you don't give it to them they run away? Well continue reading.

How to Be a Pre K Baby on Club Penguin?

You know how to be a normal baby on Club Penguin, but you can be unique too for a Pre-K!