What is a baby incubator?

Answer A baby incubator is an enclosed, well-ventilated chamber made of plastic and Plexiglas, according to Medical Discoveries. It is used to regulate the body temperature of a low birth weight or premat... Read More »

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Who created the baby incubator?

The baby incubator was invented by a French physician named Alexandre Lion in 1891, according to Neonatology on the Web. Lion's incubator used warm water running through a pipe beneath a mattress a... Read More »

Is it bad for a baby to be put into an incubator for a month?

No. Quite often, babies are born with health problems that require they be placed in an incubator. Depending on the baby's condition, they may be in the incubator for only a day or two, or even for... Read More »

What should the temperature be for baby chickens while in an incubator?

According to the University of Illinois, optimum temperature for incubating a fertile egg is 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit with a range of 99 to 103 degrees. The University of Missouri states that chick... Read More »

How to Make an Incubator for a Baby Animal?

For the most part, animals are able to care for their young. Occasionally, Mother Nature may need a helping hand should something happen to a baby animal's mother. An incubator is essential for kee... Read More »