What is a horse manicurist called?

Answer A farrier trims the hooves of horses and puts metal shoes on them regularly. They nail the shoes onto the horse's hoof, but the horse does not feel anything because the walls of its hooves are like... Read More »

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What is a horse drawn carriage called?

In our modern world, another name for a horse-drawn carriage is a buggy or cart. These lightweight passenger vehicles come plain or very ornate, pulled by a single horse or a two-horse team in para... Read More »

What is the cart called that a jockey rides behind the horse?

In harness or trotting racing, the jockey sits behind the horse in an aerodynamic cart known as a sulky or ride bike. Each sulky is specifically made for the horse.Source:United States Trotting Ass... Read More »

What kind of animal attacked Richard Harris at the start of A Man Called Horse?

Richard Harris was mauled by a Grizzly Bear and left for dead at the beginning of the 1971 movie, "Man in the Wilderness." Because of its similar time period, costuming and subject matter, it's eas... Read More »

What is the old children's TV show where there is a horse called Farrah and it's set in New Zealand - it featured emus?