What is a baby called after the neonatal stage?

Answer A baby is called a neonate at birth, from the Latin words 'neo' for 'new' and 'natal' for born. Babies are considered newborns (neonates) for the first 28 days of life, and then they are simply cla... Read More »

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What is the placenta called after baby is born?

the placenta is called an afterbirth after the baby is born

What does the sack that comes out after the baby comes called?

In what ways do Neonatal Nurses look after sick and premature babies?

Answer Usually when a baby is born the baby would go into the care center (many names for the baby room) but there are special rooms for sick and premature babies like the ICU (intesive care unit)... Read More »

What is the stage in front of the curtain called?

The apron is the part of the stage that extends in front of the curtain. A stage's apron gives the actors more playing space. An apron also allows a scene to occur while a set change happens behind... Read More »