What is a baby called after the neonatal stage?

Answer A baby is called a neonate at birth, from the Latin words 'neo' for 'new' and 'natal' for born. Babies are considered newborns (neonates) for the first 28 days of life, and then they are simply cla... Read More »

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Could a 7-month old baby with persistent neonatal reflexes indicate cerebral palsy?

Polymicrogyria (PMG) is a condition characterized by abnormal development of the brain before birth. The surface of the brain normally has many ridges or folds, called gyri. In people with polymicr... Read More »

How does a neonatal and obstetrician physician work together for the good of the mother and new born baby?

Approximately 700 or an average of 14 per state. Pediatric Surgeons can be found in Children's Hospitals or very large Community Hospitals in large cities.

What is the stage in front of the curtain called?

The apron is the part of the stage that extends in front of the curtain. A stage's apron gives the actors more playing space. An apron also allows a scene to occur while a set change happens behind... Read More »

What Are the Reactions of the First Stage of Photosynthesis Called?

Photosynthesis is a process that converts light energy to stored chemical carbon bonds. As a summary, the formula: 6 carbon dioxide + 6 water --> carbohydrate + 6 oxygen shows the process required ... Read More »