What is a angulated fracture in fifth toe?

Answer An angulated fracture is one in which the bones, once broken, no longer line up in the straight line they used to assume, and have broken into an angle. The fifth toe is the little toe.

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Broken, angulated dewclaw that won't straighten but is not bleeding. ?

You need to ask this question in the dog category as other dog owners and vets would see your question and be able to answer. Pet health and human health is very different................

What is the first aid for a leg fracture?

Remember that First Aid is all about stabilization and transport -- we aren't going to actually treat a leg fracture in the field. That said...Check patient for airway, breathing, cardiac, bleeding... Read More »

What is the aid given to fracture?

Splint the fracture in the position found.

Is there a fracture ?

Your ankle could very well have a hair line crack or even worse in it - sorry. The only way to tell is to go and have it x-rayed. You should certainly not be trying to run on it even if it is spra... Read More »