Difference between Dijkstra's algorithm and Bellman-Ford's algorithm?

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How to Use the Hungarian Algorithm?

The Hungarian algorithm allows a "minimum matching" to be found. This can be used in instances where there are multiple quotes for a group of activities and each activity must be done by a differen... Read More »

How to Use Dijkstra's Algorithm?

The "path of minimum weight" algorithm.[1] It works in the same way as a route planner for your car, helping you to find the route of least distance, shortest time or in fact any "minimum" for your... Read More »

How to Use the Nearest Neighbour Algorithm?

The nearest neighbour algorithm works in a similar way to Prim's algorithm, but instead of finding a tree you find a path around your graph/network.

How to Use the Chinese Postman Algorithm?

Postmen need to travel every street, but what happens when you get to a fork in the road? Suddenly there is no easy way to travel every street. This is where the Chinese postman algorithm comes int... Read More »