What is a adjustment?

Answer its a small change

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What Is Caster Adjustment?

Caster angle is one of those terms that sounds like black magic to the layman, but the principle is actually very simple. This setting is critical to defining a vehicle's handling, ride and brakin... Read More »

What is a valve adjustment?

Like anything else made of metal, an engine's internal components, heads and block expand and contract with changes in temperature. A well-adjusted valve train will compensate for heat expansion an... Read More »

What Is an Escrow Adjustment?

Escrow and trust accounts are the same type of financial object, accounts used specifically to manage someone else's funds. Escrow account is a term commonly used in real estate to describe an addi... Read More »

What is market value adjustment?

The term market value adjustment generally refers to annuities. For this reference, the term specifically relates to an annuity company that offers a new market adjusted interest rate on a holder's... Read More »