How to Find an Action Verb in a Sentence?

Answer Sentences are made up of two basic parts: the subject and the predicate. The subject tells what or whom the sentence is about. The predicate tells something about the subject or what the subject is... Read More »

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What is a copula verb?

A copula verb connects the subject of a sentence with a "complement"--a word that helps define the subject's state of being. Copula verbs are commonly referred to as "linking verbs."VerbsMost verbs... Read More »

What is verb agreement?

Verb agreement means that the verb in question agrees with both the subject and any other verbs in the sentence. When a verb "agrees" with a subject or another verb, it lines up with the same plur... Read More »

What is a singular verb?

A sentence is properly structured when the parts of the sentence are in agreement. If a singular noun is used to describe one subject, a singular verb must correspond. For example, "he is" would de... Read More »

What Are the Nine Verb Tenses?

The essential purpose of tense in English is to indicate the time in which the action of verbs occurs. There are nine basic verb tenses relating to the past, present and future, but the number of t... Read More »