What is a a cross between a mustard-spinach and millet seeds?

Answer Sears parts direct would be the first place I'd look...

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When do you plant your peas, beets, turnips, spinach, and mustard in zone 7?

Now is a good time but if you wait a few weeks they will germinate more quickly.

How do I harvest spinach seeds?

BoltingAllow several healthy spinach plants to remain in the garden until they bolt, or send up tall shoots that will soon develop flowers. Leave the bolted spinach in place until the blooms turn d... Read More »

How do I plant spinach seeds?

Plant a spinach row with seeds 1 inch apart, during March, under direct sunlight. Cover with 1/2 inch thick soil lightly. Water every day for five days using a light mist, so the seeds will not was... Read More »

Why do my spinach seeds not germinate?

Spinach likes cool weather and will even grow in winter if yours are mild enough. Sounds like your climate is already too hot for it. Try again in the fall.