What is a "Youtube Poop"?

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What is YouTube poop?

YouTube poop is normally user created content, in which the user takes a video (or videos) to create a sort of parody.

How to Make a YouTube Poop?

A YouTube Poop is a largely popular internet video category involving the remixing of several clips that adds additional scenes, dialog, or imagery to increase the humor of the video. Youtube Poop ... Read More »

Know any good YouTube poop idea s?

Describing Youtube Poop is a bit difficult. At first they may seem like mashups of randomness devoid of structure, but they are in fact, an artform with an enthusiastic userbase.

How to Make a YouTube Poop Short?

Got a good idea for a YouTube Poop but it's not enough to make a full video? Fear not, you can still make a video. A YouTube Poop Short (often referred to as a YTP Short) is just like any other YTP... Read More »