What is a VNC client?

Answer A VNC client or Virtual Network Computing client is a computer that connects to a server. The server is a computer that runs a specific program used by the client. The VNC client allows you to see ... Read More »

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Gmod error: Client.dll init() in library client failed?

i thought it was my garrys mod so i reinstalled it and it dint work so i got mad

Does a contract with an attorney&client end when the client dies?

Attorney client privilege can be broken upon the client’s death, if the decedent’s estate is coming under litigation from any of the decedent’s heirs. This means that the privilege is not au... Read More »

What is an ntp client?

NTP clients use the network time protocol (NTP) to set the correct date and time on a computer. They generally receive this information from an Internet time server. All modern Windows operating sy... Read More »

What is a JMS client?

A JMS client is any computer application that supports the Java Message Service (JMS) application programming interface (API) standards. A JMS client program can use a Java Message Service "bridge"... Read More »