What is a URL in computer terminology?

Answer A URL is an address to a specific resource on the Internet. Each URL consists of several required and optional components. Each of these components serves a specific purpose in locating the Interne... Read More »

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What is clocking in computer terminology?

Clock is the frequency of the processor at which its running. The standard unit is hertz (Hz); most people today use GHz and MHz. Generally, within the same CPU series, higher processor clockspeed ... Read More »

What Is a Handshake in Computer Terminology?

A handshake occurs when one device connects to another. Most often, this term refers to dial-up modems. During the handshake process, the two devices negotiate a speed supported by both devices and... Read More »

What is sync in computer terminology?

a four letter work beginning with Srhys legon :)

What is a cookie in computer terminology?

Cookies aren't just treats to tantalize the sweet tooth; they're also bits of information that form a key bond between an individual computer and a website. Cookies come can prove both beneficial a... Read More »