A Texas Chili Contest?

Answer Stupid and not funny. White Trash Joke.No Offense to you but to the joke only.

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How to Make Texas Chili Dip?

A delicious dip that satisfies! Whether it's game day, an office party, or just game night with the family, this dip is sure to have people coming back for more. Here's how to make it!

How Would You Cool Down Chili That Has Too Much Chili Powder in It?

So you made a delicious pot of chili, perfect for a cold night at home ... except for one thing. You used too much chili powder, and the chili's too spicy for comfort. Don't worry. You don't have t... Read More »

Do you like chili I freaking love chili (recipe suggestions are very much appreciated! haha)?

I like vegetarian chili best but if hungry enuf won't turn down the meaty stuff. Speaking of kale, my friend put some on a cookie pan, salt and peppered it after drizzling olive oil on it, then b... Read More »

Is a long chili really a chili?

I guess, a chili is a chili i don't get what you are asking.