What is a TeleNav on my Palm Centro?

Answer As of 2010, Palm Centros offer a version of TeleNav for their users. TeleNav offers GPS features on cell phones, with both a trial version and a paid service that unlocks many different features.Fr... Read More »

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Is the cradle for the Palm Treo 750 compatible with the Palm Centro?

Both the Palm Treo 750 and Palm Centro devices have the same Palm provided USB cable connectors for the cradle, so you can use the USB cable of the Treo 750 on the Palm Centro without a problem.Ref... Read More »

How do I unlock a Palm Centro?

There two steps to unlocking a Palm Centro. First you need to ensure that you have all the required software and materials to install the software on your phone. Once the software is installed, you... Read More »

Can you download songs onto the Palm Centro?

You can download MP3 music files onto your Palm Centro smartphone. The Palm Centro allows you to download MP3 songs anywhere you have cellular service with its 3G connection. You can also download ... Read More »

How to Set Up a POP Hotmail Account for the Palm Centro?

The Palm Centro series of phones is popular for its QWERTY keyboard and email software. Hotmail is Microsoft's free Web email client, and is second only to Yahoo! Mail in total users, according to ... Read More »