What is the heel of the truss?

Answer Answer The heel of the truss is the end of the truss that sets on the exterior wall. If you've been shopping for trusses, you've probably heard the term: " Energy Heel" An energy heel is taller tha... Read More »

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Cracked heel, what do I do?

You may need a more moisture-intensive lotion.But you need to keep lotioning it several times a day until the skin can grow back and heal. Otherwise you are just tearing it open. And try to move in... Read More »

What have I done to my heel/ankle?

Hello,First of all I am sorry that you have this injury and pain, it must be frustrating.It is difficult to say exactly what happened to your foot but it does sound like you bruised it pretty badly... Read More »

What Happens to a Smashed Achilles Heel?

Contrary to Greek mythology, humans don't have Achilles heels, we have Achilles tendons. The tendon runs from the heel up the back of the calf; it's named after the legend of Achilles' fatal weakn... Read More »

What can you do to get rid of blisters on your heel quick?

pop it ..BUT DONT ALOU IT TO GET INFECTED.. use antiseptic , PAD it w/ steril dressing when you are wearing shoes and alow it to air dry when you can... dont alow it to get infected!!!!