How to Draw a Heel?

Answer The arch of the foot and the toes provide recognizable and interesting features of every foot. The heel, with its simple shape, may seem an easy subject for the artist. Because this body part provi... Read More »

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How to Heel with Style?

Heelys are awesome- but are you awesome too?So now you've mastered your Heelys- what now? The answer is simple- it's time to strut your stuff! But don't get too cocky- it just adds to the embarrass... Read More »

How do you fix Heel Spurs?

1Get your self some padded innersoles and cut out a small area around where the spur is2 Do regular calf and instep stretches3 Each night for 10 mins or so while SITTING role your foot on a wine or... Read More »

Will my tongue heel!! Plz help!!!?

Dont get too worried.. it will heal by itself.. just try when u have time ..take an ice cube and put pressure on the cut u are saying.. =]]I experienced it once... it took 1 week for it to heal... ... Read More »

How to Teach Your Dog to Heel?

Most people are dragged around by their dogs, and some might have a dog that lags behind them. Heeling is a comfortable way to walk with your dog, not against him.This is an easy technique to teach... Read More »