What is a TEM microscope?

Answer A transmission electron microscope, or TEM microscope, is an instrument used to examine specimens at a near-atomic level. The microscope shares a similar design to the more widely used light or op... Read More »

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What is a biological microscope?

Biological microscopes use powerful zoom technology to magnify substances too small for the naked eye to see. Several types of microscopes exist for different purposes. A low-powered stereoscope i... Read More »

What is a stereoscopic microscope?

The world is full of mysteries and excitement that can't be viewed with the naked eye. That's where microscopes come in. One type of microscope is the stereoscopic microscope, sometimes called a di... Read More »

What is an electron microscope?

An electron microscope is a scientific device that uses a beam of electrons to see microscopic objects beyond the light microscope limit of about 1000x. As a result, the device can get four types t... Read More »

What is an interference microscope?

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, an interference microscope utilizes two beams of light. One beam passes through the specimen on the tray while the other beam bypasses the specimen and int... Read More »