What is a T1 Internet backbone?

Answer The Internet has an infrastructure (the physical network's hardware and transmission protocols) that provides connectivity to computer users around the world. This infrastructure operates at variou... Read More »

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Do grasshoppers have a backbone?

Grasshoppers do not have backbones. A grasshopper is an insect, which is part of a group of animals that are called invertebrates. Invertebrates don't have spinal columns. Other spineless animals i... Read More »

The Devil's Backbone or The Orphanage?

Hey :)Difficult to choose. I found The Orphange so scary, it truly frightened me. The Devil's Backbone wasn't as scary, but then the other elements to the story made up for that, the Civil war, the... Read More »

How to Break Up if You Have No Backbone?

Breaking up is hard to do, especially for those who feel an intense need to please others. However, being stuck in an unhealthy relationship is much worse. Breaking up is a necessary evil, and it c... Read More »

Is sleeping on the floor good for backbone?

No. However, a lot depends on what's between the body and the floor and what kind of floor it is. I've slept on a carpeted home floor for about 5 years, a cot mattress (4 inches of form rubber) on ... Read More »