What is a "System Search Dispatcher" (program)?

Answer I believe it searches your internet history n urls and then provides that info to peeps that do the ads geared towards your prefs. Translate = spyware/adwareI have a program searching the net for i... Read More »

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How do you program a crk76df1 without a code search button?

Do you have a universal remote with a cable company i.e. comcast? If so, reprogram the universal remote and the tv remote should work as well. You can find the listing of codes for all manufactors ... Read More »

Is there a word program that can search for a phrase within the document?

Usually the CTRL+F shortcut key combination will bring up the Find/Replace dialog window within most Windows type document processing applications. The CTRL+H will do the same thing but go directl... Read More »

Program for binary search using only one comparison within the loop?

Well dear, I don't think it is possible. The three comparisons must be needed here, this binary searching process is like that, na ?--------------------------------------…Well fahad ji, don't u t... Read More »

How to Program an RCA Universal Remote Using Manual Code Search?

If you don’t have the code for the device you want to control with your RCA Universal Remote, you can still retrieve the code manually. To program an RCA Universal Remote using manual code search... Read More »