What is a Smart Board and who invented it?

Answer A Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard that can connect to a computer and projector. Smart Boards are useful in educational, business and government applications. Smart Technologies co-founder ... Read More »

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Who invented the Smart Board?

The Smart Board, a special type of presentation device that replaces traditional chalkboards and whiteboards in the classroom, was invented by David Martin. Martin is the cofounder and, as of April... Read More »

When was the SMART Board invented?

In 1991, the Calgary, Alberta, based technologies company SMART introduced the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. To date, the company has sold more than 1.5 million interactive whiteboards, which... Read More »

Activities for Smart Senses With a Smart Board?

Children learn about their five senses early on in their elementary education careers. To reinforce the concepts taught in class, teachers and young students can benefit from using Smart Board acti... Read More »

Smart Exchange SMART Board Lessons?

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard is a type of educational technology that allows students and teachers to use electronic pens or their fingers to write, draw and interact with the content pro... Read More »