How to Make a Singapore Sling?

Answer The Singapore Sling you get in a bar bears little resemblance to the original recipe. In fact, the original recipe developed at Singapore's Raffles Hotel around 1910, was passed down orally, gettin... Read More »

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How to Make a Virgin Singapore Sling?

Also called a “Celibate Sling,” this drink uses cherry soda and ginger ale to replace the gin and cherry brandy in the original drink. Fresh lemon juice also takes the place of sweet and sour m... Read More »

Difference between an arm sling and an elevation sling?

An arm sling usually just support the arm in a neutral posisition , while an elevation sling supports the arm and keep it elevated above the heart leve to reduce swelling and pain. You would also y... Read More »

What is the sling on a gun used for?

so it can hang around you so if for example you needed to get something else out of your pocket you wouldn't need to worry about someone taking it.Modern rifles have a sling that allows the soldier... Read More »

What is a sling and a swath?

Splint injuries: The sling and swath is used for all upper extremities. The sling supports the injured extremity and immobilizes the lower arm, while the swath functionally immobilizes the shoulder... Read More »