What is a Shiraz resident called?

Answer Shiraz is the fifth most populated city in Iran. It is the capital of Fars Province and is the economic center of southern Iran. Residents of the city, like other residents of the nation, are calle... Read More »

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SHIRAZ is a city in Iran, and also a name of a kind of wine. I think this wine was first created in Shiraz ?

Wine was pressed in Shiraz over a thousand years before wine grapes were brought to Australia...I vote for Shiraz, Iran as where the varietal came from...

How to File Taxes With One Resident State & Multiple Non-Resident States?

Any state you made money in may require you to pay income tax and this can result in you filing taxes in several different states. You will receive a different W-2 form from your employers for each... Read More »

If you were admitted to a UC as a CA resident, are you considered a resident until graduation?

NO - you will be considered in-state this term, or maybe to include your first year, but since your permanent residence will go to where your parents reside (and thus currently pay taxes income/pro... Read More »

Is shiraz a dry wine?

A dry wine is one whose sugars have been fermented out of the finished product, making it "dry" as opposed to sweet, semi-sweet or off-dry. Shiraz wine is a spicy, full-bodied red wine full of diff... Read More »