What is a Safe flea removal with pregnancy?

Answer consult an exterminator.You would want to be chemical free during pregnancy. If you can have the home treated while you are absent, that would be best. But, for lasting flea eradication, you also h... Read More »

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Are flea collars safe?

Flea collars are generally safe, though some should not be used on young puppies. The safest flea collars are made from natural pyrethrins and not from strong chemicals, especially carbamates.Sourc... Read More »

Are flea drops safe?

On One Hand: Flea Drops Can Be Toxic to Some AnimalsSome flea drop brands used to eliminate fleas have been found to be unsafe for pets. There have been cases of seizures, skin irritation and hair ... Read More »

Are flea collars safe for cats?

On One Hand: Poisoning DangersDr. Jill Richardson, veterinarian and poison specialist for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, says permethrin, a poison often used in the ... Read More »

Safe Flea Treatments for Puppies?

Fleas can be very annoying to a dog. Worse still, fleas can also be dangerous as they can spread diseases. On puppies, those dangers are even more severe---major infestations can cause illness and ... Read More »