What is a Saddos Re: a question regarding the content of Wikipedia.?

Answer I googled "saddos" for you and found out it means: a sad pathetic person, and that was apparently recently coined by the BBC in reference to FB fans.As far as the connection to Wikipedia - I am no... Read More »

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Wikipedia editors - who are they Bunch of saddos?

Wikipedians are probably not much different from Answerians. Some are as addicted as Answeraholics are, but most only contribute very infrequently if at all. And, no they do not get paid by Wikipedia.

How much wikipedia pays for hosting its huge wikipedia content ?

Just $1 million, $2 tops. The rest of the $16 million goes to paying off cronies and no-bid contracts.Wikipedia is worth any money only as long as gullible people keep donating. If it allowed adver... Read More »

How much can one trust the content of wikipedia ?

All content on Wikipedia is user submitted and reviewed, and therefor cannot be trusted blindly. Most of the information on there is correct, though, and you can especially rely on the information ... Read More »

Do you think Wikipedia has piracy in its content?

Only a little bit. At Wikipedia they don't care about factual accuracy, but they do care about respecting copyrights. When they detect pirated content, it gets taken down very quickly. Factual erro... Read More »