What is a SVGA monitor?

Answer SVGA stands for Super Video Graphics Array and consists of a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. An SVGA monitor is any monitor capable of displaying those screen resolutions.SVGA DesignSVGA is ... Read More »

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What is the best thing to do with my old 15 inch, non-flat, CRT SVGA monitor ?

Donate it to a local public school. You can claim it on your taxes as a non-cash charitable contribution.

What is a SVGA cable?

The history of computer video display goes as such: First there were black-and-green screens, then crude color schemes, then, finally, something that produced more realistic images. That something ... Read More »

What is the difference between vga&svga cables?

While video graphics array or VGA is a graphics display system that IBM developed for its line of computers in the 1980s, Super VGA or SVGA was used as a lump term for the video standards that came... Read More »

At what length will sVGA cables lose quality?

A good question... and to anser it ... about 50 feet. if thats all you need. then great. But if you need to go further than that... Try using a balun. With this you can send VGA over Cat 5 about... Read More »