What is a SIMPLE IRA?

Answer A SIMPLE IRA is a savings incentive match plan for employees, or a retirement account set up by employers to help their employees save for retirement. A SIMPLE IRA follows similar rules to a tradit... Read More »

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What Is a Simple Way to Detect EMI?

EMI, or electromagnetic interference, can cause disruption with electronic items in your household, such as your cell phone, radio, television, satellite and computer. Conducted current, voltage, a... Read More »

What is a simple Roth IRA?

A Roth IRA is a flexible individual retirement account that allows you to invest in your retirement. According to the You Need a Budget website, you are eligible to invest in a Roth if modified ad... Read More »

What are the simple machines ?

The invention and use of simple machines allowed humans to accomplish tasks more effectively, efficiently and easily. Simple machines refer to fundamental tools that have no complex moving parts an... Read More »

What is a simple microscope?

The term "simple microscope" refers to a microscope that uses only one lens to magnify objects. The term includes basic microscopes as well as hand-held magnifying glasses.UsesSimple microscopes ar... Read More »