What is a SAFE way to clean my laptop's LCD screen?

Answer water on a soft tshirt and dont press too hard .. buff it with a dry one ..

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What is best to clean my laptops screen with?

The stuff you clean eye glasses with *WALMART*

What is the best way to clean a very expensive laptops screen?

I use iKlear on my laptop, great stuff: can pick some up at your local Apple Store, even comes with a micro chamois.

What is a safe way to clean a computer screen?

It depends on what kind of screen it is. It is a CRT or a glass-fronted LCD, then you can use a damp cloth (no soap) or a small amount of glass cleaner.If it is an LCD with no glass covering, then ... Read More »

What is safe to clean a laptop screen with?

A cotton cloth should be used to wipe the laptop monitor with, as these cloths won't leave fibers behind. Safe liquids (always sprayed on the cloth, not the screen), include isopropyl alcohol and d... Read More »