What is a SAFE way to clean my laptop's LCD screen?

Answer water on a soft tshirt and dont press too hard .. buff it with a dry one ..

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What is best to clean my laptops screen with?

The stuff you clean eye glasses with *WALMART*

What is the best way to clean a very expensive laptops screen?

I use iKlear on my laptop, great stuff: can pick some up at your local Apple Store, even comes with a micro chamois.

What's a safe way to clean my laptop's screen?

it depends if you you want to spend money...m3 cloths cost money but work great...but a washcloth and a little water doesnt cost money......--$*_VINNIE_*$--......Madison,Wisconsin...

What is a safe way to clean a computer screen?

It depends on what kind of screen it is. It is a CRT or a glass-fronted LCD, then you can use a damp cloth (no soap) or a small amount of glass cleaner.If it is an LCD with no glass covering, then ... Read More »