What is a Runtime Error?

Answer Computers run programs. Programs make computer do all the wonderful things we see. Developing programs is an art, and it always involves finding and correcting errors. Programmers have an extensive... Read More »

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What Is a Runtime Error 5?

Runtime error 5 occurs when a program tries to reference a file that is not mapped correctly or is missing altogether from the system registry. This can also be caused by an application that is "hu... Read More »

What is a runtime error on my computer?

A runtime error is an error that occurs when a software program currently running experiences a conflict because of memory access issues, software issues, operating system issues or hardware issues... Read More »

What is a ViStart runtime error?

ViStart is a “Vista Start Menu” emulator for Windows XP-based computers. ViStart runtime errors may occur when ViStart does not execute successfully due to conflicts with an existing program, b... Read More »

What is a runtime error in MS Word?

A runtime error indicates a software program has tried to run an invalid or contradictory command and cannot proceed. It is not unique to Microsoft Word, but can be caused in Word programs from a c... Read More »