What is a Roosevelt seat in a car?

Answer What was a Roosevelt seats in a car

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What military rank was roosevelt?

You would get water from the 'scuttlebutt.' You could also go to the mess deck and get some java. Or go to the gedunk and buy a soda.

What was the nickname of the USS Theodore Roosevelt?

The USS Theodore Roosevelt's official call sign is "Rough Rider," however the vessel is also sometimes called "TR" or the "Big Stick," which refers to Roosevelt's slogan,"Speak softly and carry a b... Read More »

What did Eleanor Roosevelt say about the US Marines?

Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt famously referred to the United States Marine Corps in the quotation, “The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, ... Read More »

What was the secret service code for Mrs Roosevelt?

Yes for six months after leaving office and the President would get 10 years clinton is the last to get prtection for life.