Why did the US government form NASA?

Answer Partially to beat the Russians into space and to the moon. It was believed that if you controlled the space around the Earth, you could control the Earth as well.NOTE: THIS ANSWER IS NOT VERY COMP... Read More »

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What is the form of address for government representatives in the USA?

When writing to government representatives, according to Georgetown Law and the U.S. Geological survey, address the president as "Mr. President"; the vice president as "Mr. Vice President"; the sen... Read More »

What form of government did the People's Republic of China have?

The People's Republic of China became a communist state after it was established on October 1, 1949. Since the founding of the republic by Mao Zedong, the country has had close ties with other comm... Read More »

What form of local government is most widely used in New England?

Townships are the most commonly used form of local government in New England. The townships have elected governing boards, levy taxes and are responsible for zoning. These townships are responsible... Read More »

What are some various government jobs that if hired would alleviate previous government debts such as ROTC military?

Students who are contracted ROTC cadets pay for very little in college. A full ROTC scholarship includes: tuition and fees, $600/ semester for books, and a monthly spending stipend of $300-$500 a ... Read More »