How to Create a Rebus?

Answer A rebus is a coded message using pictures, numbers and letters to replace words. Because one must use word position, direction, size, color and sound to decode the message, rebuses help hone the us... Read More »

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Grade Two Rebus Story Writing Ideas?

Rebus writing, combining words and pictures in a puzzle form, is a good vocabulary-building exercise, and second-graders are well-positioned to create their own stories. Many students who don't enj... Read More »

I'm fat and I have no clue why!?

Its probablt in your genes. sometimes you cant avoid it. it does put you at higher chanches but that doesnt mean youll get the dieseses.

How to Win at Clue?

Clue has been a popular board game since its creation in 1948 by Anthony E. Pratt of Birmingham, England. Clue, considered a murder mystery board game, requires the players to clear up an unsolved ... Read More »

I can't type @, and i don't have any clue why?

You probably have it set to American- what happens when you hold shift and press 2?