What is a RAID drive?

Answer RAID is an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. A RAID drive is a method of backing up data by creating duplicate drives so that if one fails you will not lose data.History of RAID Dr... Read More »

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Help!!! RAID degraded! Drive 1 not found!!!!?

Looks like your computer was set up originally with RAID and when you reinstalled Windows, you installed it to only one drive, without using the RAID. It isn't causing a problem, except that you g... Read More »

How do you replace a drive in a raid 1 array?

yeah, when one dies it says "one drive is missing" you take it out, send it back, put the replacement back in and it says "we found a new drive shall we restore the raid to it?" you say yes, and a ... Read More »

Is it possible to impliment RAID with one drive and two partitions?

Hi Russ, no you need to have 2 or more drives to use raid, my suggestion is to buy another drive and put you data on one and your O.S. on another to protect it remember to always back up what you w... Read More »

Can I add an IDE drive to a SATA RAID system?

On One Hand: Some Motherboards Can't Handle ItSATA drives are a newer kind of hard drive than older IDE or PATA drives. Because of the difference between the two drive types, some computers are not... Read More »