What is a Savi's pygmy shrew?

Answer The Savi's pygmy shrew, also called the white-toothed pygmy shrew or Etruscan pygmy shrew, is the smallest of mammals in terms of mass, according to the Spectacular Planet website. This member of t... Read More »

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What is the largest population that a pygmy shrew can have?

Pygmy shrews are very illusive and not much information is known about their reproductive and social behaviors. According to studies done in Ontario, Canada, population of pygmy shrews are dense wi... Read More »

How to Care for a Pygmy Puff?

You may have recently visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and got yourself a Pygmy Puff. You probably want to pretend it's a real pet for whatever reason. This is how to care for it.

Can you milk a pygmy goat?

Female pygmy goats will give up between a quart and a half gallon of milk a day during their peak years. Pygmy goat milk is extremely sweet and many find it to have a pleasing taste.Source:National... Read More »

Pygmy Hedgehog Diet?

The African pygmy hedgehog can eat vegetables and meat, but thrives primarily as an insectivore. In the wild this small, four-legged creature forages for insects, slugs, worms and small animals. Ac... Read More »