What is a PostScript font?

Answer Adobe's development of the PostScript page-description language was integral to the birth of desktop publishing in the mid-1980s. PostScript fonts and other tools made it possible for designers and... Read More »

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Is windows postscript font compatible with office 2007?

PostScript is a type of font that is used by a number of different platforms and computer systems. PostScript font is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 productivity suite software. The PostSc... Read More »

What is a PostScript printer?

While shopping for a new printer, you may have seen a list of features that included the term PostScript. PostScript is a specialized print language, typically used by the publishing industry. It m... Read More »

What Is a Non Postscript Printer?

Adobe introduced PostScript in 1985 as a descriptive language allowing different printers to output identical images regardless of their native operating system. A postscript printer has the Adobe ... Read More »

What is a laserjet PostScript driver?

A laserjet PostScript driver is a piece of software that allows a laserjet printer--a printer that creates an image using a tiny laser beam--to interpret the page description language PostScript. P... Read More »