What is a Positraction rear end?

Answer Although Positraction, which is often shorten to positrac or posi, is trademarked by GM, the term has become generically used to describe limited slip differentials, or LSDs, made by any manufactu... Read More »

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How to Tell if You Have Positraction?

When you drive your car, the wheels often work together or may operate independently of each other. In some situations, such as making turns, it is important for one wheel on an axle to move more q... Read More »

Does a VIN number tell if you have positraction differential?

The characters four to eight within a car's Vehicle Identification Number are used by the manufacturer to identify certain car information. This information can include body type, series number and... Read More »

How to Tell If a Chevy Truck Has Positraction?

Both rear wheels of a Chevy truck with positraction (also called limited slip) will rotate when the truck is in gear. This means that there will be greater traction in all environments, as both rea... Read More »

How to Check the Rear Brakes on a Dodge 3500's Dual Rear Wheels?

Checking the rear brakes on your Dodge 3500 can be a bit tricky when your truck is equipped with dual rear wheels. However, the dual rear wheel setup doesn't make it impossible. In fact, it only ad... Read More »