Is Flipper a Dolphin or a Porpoise?

Answer Flipper, from the television series of the same name, was a bottlenose dolphin, which can be discerned from its short snout and gray body color. The bottlenose dolphin is the most commonly seen spe... Read More »

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Dolphin & Porpoise Diet?

Intelligent, graceful and intriguing marine mammals, more than 30 species of dolphin and eight species of porpoise currently swim the world's oceans. From the familiar, smiling bottlenose to the mi... Read More »

What Are the Differences Between a Male & a Female Harbor Porpoise?

The harbor porpoise, also known as "sea pig," "herring hog" and "common porpoise," bears the scientific name of Phococena phococena. The porpoise species are related to whales (cetacean), and the h... Read More »