Difference between CI poly and FS poly?

Answer A CI poly asks questions centered around espionage, sabotage, disclosure of classified material, etc. A lifestyle Poly focuses on items related to your personal life. A FullScope Poly is a combinat... Read More »

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What is a peptide?

Peptides, chains of amino acids similar to protein in all but length, occur in one-celled or multicellular life forms and make many biological functions possible.StructureA peptide contains molecul... Read More »

What the normal result for c-peptide?

"what the normal result is for a c-peptide test..." -- The reference range for fasting results is 0.51-2.72ng/mL. That's nanograms per milliliter. It's also expressed in nanomoles per liter. In... Read More »

What Does Crocodile Protein Peptide Cure?

Proteins consist of smaller units called peptides. The protein peptide crocodillin occurs in the blood of Crocodylus porosus, a crocodile native to Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Crocod... Read More »

What is a poly cup?

Polycup is the name of a plastic cup manufacturer based in China. In general terms, the word "poly cup" is a slang term for cups that use polystyrene, a petroleum-based plastic material, for therma... Read More »