What is a Ph.D. candidate?

Answer A Ph.D. candidate is someone accepted to study for a doctoral degree at a college or university. Ph.D. stands for "philosophaie doctor," the Latin for "doctor of philosophy." A successful Ph.D. stu... Read More »

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What is a key candidate?

In a relational database, each record must have one unique primary key field, but the records may also contain other fields that are unique to each record. These unique fields not designated the pr... Read More »

What does PHD candidate mean?

A Ph.D. candidate is a university student enrolled in a post-graduate field of study. Upon graduation, the term "candidate" is dropped. The abbreviation Ph.D. is short for "doctor of Philosophy." A... Read More »

Who is a candidate for LapBand?

The Lap-Band, or adjustable gastric banding system, has become a popular weight loss option for obese patients. Many of these patients also suffer from other conditions that can be improved by weig... Read More »

What is the candidate key for this table?

Assuming that "function dependency (A, B) -> D" means "the value of D directly depends upon the values of A and B", then I'd say answer 'a'. If it's the other way around, then 'c'.