What is a flowering perennial?

Answer Flowering perennials are plants that grow and flower for more at least three seasons, with the root systems lying dormant during winter months. Gardeners commonly call them herbaceous perennial flo... Read More »

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What is a perennial flower?

According to Cornell University Department of Horticulture, perennials are plants that flower year after year. Although the plant's tops (leaves, stems and flowers) die back to the ground each fall... Read More »

What is a perennial plant?

Answer Perennials:-These plants are mostly shrubs and trees which alive for many years.They produce flowers,seeds and fruits year after year.E.g:-Mango,China Rose etc.A perennial plant is a plant t... Read More »

What Makes a Perennial Salt Tolerant?

If you live and garden near a coast or in a region where salt is used for deicing, you may have noticed that some perennial plants experience the symptoms of salt damage, such as defoliation or bur... Read More »

What is the difference between annual biennial and perennial?

annual means a plant the grows, blooms, seeds and dies in the same seasonbiannual means a plant that has two stages and needs to seasond to complete a life cycle for example onionsperennials live f... Read More »