What is a PVM file What program opens PVM files I am trying to open a PVM file in My DocumentsMy Albums it says Camera 12 30 2006 PVM File 2 KB?

Answer PVM file is a directory listing of certain photo imaging software's that link to the actual jpeg file. See more on PVM file and how to open it at related links.

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Is it possible to program a batch file or .exe file to open on a usb stick upon plugging into a computer?

Of course there is!C# code:using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Text;using System.Management;namespace USBDriveSerialNumber { public class USBSerialNumber { string _... Read More »

What program opens a mdf file?

Many programs use the MDF extension for various purposes. Most commonly, MDF files are CD or DVD disk images similar to ISO files. Programs that can open these MDF files include Alcohol 120%, Cyber... Read More »

What program opens a vcd file?

Depending on the type of vcd file, a number of different programs can open it. Copies of CDs or DVDs that use the vcd file extension are accessible with H+H Software Virtual CD, Roxio Creator 2010,... Read More »

What program opens an MKV file?

A number of software programs have the ability to open MKV files, a type of video file format that is popular for anime movies. Available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, the VideoLAN VLC media playe... Read More »