What is a PUK code on my cell phone?

Answer According to AT&T, a Pin Unlock Key (PUK) code is an added security feature found on cell phones. If your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is entered incorrectly three times, then your phone's ... Read More »

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Ugh. I locked myself out of my cell phone. What is the PUK code?

THE PUK code appears when you type the Pin code 3 times wrongThe Puk code does not have anything with your cellphone it is a code put by your Service provider (Telecom company)so you can find it in... Read More »

What is the code to block Caller ID on a cell phone?

Punching in the code *67 before dialing someone's number will block him from seeing your cell phone number on a per-call basis. Using the *82 code will block your cell phone number at all times whe... Read More »

HELP!!! The unlock code for my cell phone is not working! How can I get into it?

How to Use a Code to Unlock a Motorola Cell Phone?

Chances are that when you got your Motorola phone, you subscribed for a two-year contract with your mobile service provider. This means that the phone is probably locked, thus preventing you from m... Read More »