What is a PTO shaft?

Answer Short for "Power Take Off," a PTO is related to a vehicle's transfer case in that it is designed to split power between the primary drive and another accessory. These devices come standard on many ... Read More »

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What Is a Drive Shaft?

A drive shaft is an elongated round shaft, usually made of steel, that runs from the engine to gears that turn the wheels of a vehicle. The pistons of an engine transfer their power to a set of gea... Read More »

What is a spline shaft?

In mechanical engineering, a spline shaft is a projection from a shaft (a long, slender object) that fits into another shaft, holding the two shafts together. Spline shafts are often found in the g... Read More »

What Is a Half Shaft on a Car?

A half shaft is half of an axle. An axle consists of two half shafts, one for each side. The two half shafts connect to the differential housing and allow one side or one wheel to turn faster than ... Read More »

What Is a CV Half Shaft?

All front-wheel and al-wheel drive vehicles use constant velocity, or CV, half shafts. These modified drive shafts allow the engine to continue to transfer power to the wheels while the suspension ... Read More »