What is a PTO shaft?

Answer Short for "Power Take Off," a PTO is related to a vehicle's transfer case in that it is designed to split power between the primary drive and another accessory. These devices come standard on many ... Read More »

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How to Degree a Cam Shaft?

"Degreeing in" a camshaft ensures that the camshafts lobes are in the exact position relative to crankshaft rotation and piston location that the camshaft manufacture designed it to be in for optim... Read More »

Cam Shaft Tools?

The camshaft is a steel or iron shaft that engages with the crankshaft via a timing chain to operate the valves that sit over each piston in sequence with piston movement. This shaft runs along the... Read More »

How to Install a Cam Shaft?

A camshaft installation is not a straightforward undertaking. It requires familiarity with the removal and replacement of almost all of the accessories attached to the top and front of the engine, ... Read More »

What Is a CV Half Shaft?

All front-wheel and al-wheel drive vehicles use constant velocity, or CV, half shafts. These modified drive shafts allow the engine to continue to transfer power to the wheels while the suspension ... Read More »