What is a PT145 Millennium Pro Duo?

Answer The Millenium PT145 Pro Duo is a single action/double action .45-caliber automatic Colt pistol. This gun has a load capacity of 10 bullets in the clip with one in the barrel.References:Bud Gun Sho... Read More »

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What is Windows Millennium?

Windows Millennium Edition--sometimes called Windows Me--was a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It was released late in 1999, and was one of the least successful editions of Windo... Read More »

How do you know when your a millennium baby?

if you were born in 2000 your basically a millennium baby

The Woman of the Millennium BY BBC?

The BBC hasn't got a specific 'Talent' agencies, It uses a various amount of 'Talent' agencies!

When is the Ethiopian millennium?

The Ethiopian people have their own calendar, which is seven and a half years behind the Gregorian calendar that is familiar to the rest of the world. Therefore, according to Afrol News, the Ethiop... Read More »