What is a PSP Pandora battery?

Answer The PlayStation Portable Pandora battery is a fan-made battery used for many different software and firmware upgrades. The PSP Pandora battery sets the PSP battery into a user friendly software mod... Read More »

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Is the PSP Stamina Battery Pack Compatible With a Pandora Battery Mod?

The Sony PSP Stamina battery pack offers extended battery life but is not compatible with the Pandora battery mod. The Pandora battery enables the PSP to enter service mode and allows it to be ref... Read More »

Will a pandora battery work as a regular battery?

On One Hand: Irregular SizeThe Pandora Battery's irregular size prevents most electronics from working with it. Other than a PSP, there aren't any electronics that would be able to use the Pandora ... Read More »

Can a PSP 3000 battery be made into a Pandora battery?

The PSP 3000 (also known as the PSP Slim) is not compatible with the Pandora battery modification because of its different motherboard design. When a Pandora battery is used with a PSP 3000, the un... Read More »

How to Tell If Your Battery Is a Pandora One?

A Pandora battery is a regular PlayStation Portable battery that has been modified to force the PlayStation Portable into factory service mode, which allows you to install custom firmware and chang... Read More »