What is a POS insurance plan?

Answer While selecting health insurance plans, you are likely to encounter a number of different types, each with its own name and features. One such type is a point of service or POS insurance plan.Funct... Read More »

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Is pregnancy considered a preexisting condition if you move from a group insurance plan with a Mexican insurer to an American small business group insurance plan?

Answer CA AB 1672 aka Insurance Code 10700 et seq- see the term ELSEWHERE below (r) "Creditable coverage" means: (1) Any individual or group policy, contract, or program, that is written or ad... Read More »

Is there a database that insurance companies share which prevent you from covertly being on two insurance plans at the same time and picking and choosing the best insurance plan for different needs?

Answer I'm not sure that there is a database that they share, but there is a big concern that you would use both companies for a single claim, 'making money' for being sick or injured. Fraudulant c... Read More »

If you are a minor in need of car insurance do you have to be under a parent or guardian's insurance plan to drive?

Answer As long as you hold a valid drivers license, you usually can obtain motor vehicle insurance as long as meet the insurance companies underwriting requirements, such as no tickes, no accident... Read More »

Is the pos plan an insurance or a discount plan?

Point of service or POS plans are types of health insurance rather than discount plans, according to the Insurance Information Institute. With a POS plan, you select a primary care physician (PCP).... Read More »