What is a PCMCIA data card?

Answer The PCMCIA data card was an innovation sparked by the rapid growth of information technology (IT) and mobile computing during the 1990s. Increasing demand was placed on the IT industry to develop s... Read More »

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What is a PCMCIA Ethernet card?

A PCMCIA network card is an external interface used to add local networking capabilities for a laptop. The card is a thick credit-card-size interface that connects directly to the laptop.Significan... Read More »

What is a PCMCIA card slot?

The PCMCIA was an organization that developed the technical specifications for what is now simply called a PC card. The slot is simply a method of connecting a PC card to a computer--typically a no... Read More »

What is a PCMCIA eSATA port card?

A PCMCIA eSATA port card is a card for notebook users who need to use external hard drives but want better performance than that offered by USB. These cards slide into a notebook computer's empty ... Read More »

What is a PCMCIA SATA 2-port card?

A PCMCIA SATA 2-port card is an adapter used with a laptop computer to access external storage devices. The adapter supports large external hard drives and offers fast data transfer.References:Cool... Read More »