What is a PCMCIA card slot?

Answer The PCMCIA was an organization that developed the technical specifications for what is now simply called a PC card. The slot is simply a method of connecting a PC card to a computer--typically a no... Read More »

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How to Add USB to a 16 Bit PCMCIA Slot?

PCMCIA gives your system a powerful ability to communicate with any sort of device you connect to it, so long as it conforms with the standards given to the computer. On 16-bit versions of PCMCIA, ... Read More »

Do all laptops have a PCMCIA slot?

Not all laptops have PCMCIA slots. Some laptops have slots for a different type of expansion card called an ExpressCard. The smallest laptops often have no expansion slots at all. Adapters are avai... Read More »

Does the dell 630 latitude pc have a pcmcia slot?

The Dell Latitude D630 notebook computer has a PCMCIA slot. The Latitude D630 supports Type I and Type II PCMCIA cards--also known as PC cards--with a maximum thickness of 5.5 mm.Source:Dell: Dell ... Read More »

Is the pc slot the same as a pcmcia on a Dell Inspiron 5100?

The PC card slot on the Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop computer is the same thing as a PCMCIA slot. The PC card slot allows a user to connect a number of peripherals to the laptop, such as wireless card... Read More »