What happen to don Quixote and the lion?

Answer When Don Quixote decides to attack a caged lion being brought to the king as a present, he has the driver of the cage cart open the cage, but the lion, although it had not been fed and was most lik... Read More »

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What do you call a baby lion?

A female lion will give birth to between one and five baby lions every two years. These baby lions are referred to as cubs, and will nurse from their mother for approximately six months.Source:Smit... Read More »

What is the iCloud tab for in the new mountain lion iOS?

It will work when you update to iOS 6 next week.

What Are Golden Lion Tamarin Adaptations?

Endemic to southeast Brazil, the golden lion tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia rosalia) is a member of the family Callitrichidae, which includes marmosets. Weighing 1.3 lbs on average, this small en... Read More »

What is the length of the show"lion king"?

Disney's "The Lion King" runs for two hours and 45 minutes, with a 15-minute intermission. Though the show is long, given the dynamics of the on-stage visuals, Disney suggests that guests as young ... Read More »