What is a Nerf football made of?

Answer In 1969, Parker Brothers introduced the first NERF ball. To create the spongy foam material, NERF begins with a reaction between polyester and a diisocyanate. The air pockets in the foam come from ... Read More »

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Who invented the Nerf football?

Reyn Guyer invented a round polyurethane foam ball called Nerf, which was released in 1970 by Parker Brothers as the first ball for indoor play. In 1972 the Nerf football was introduced.References:... Read More »

What are nerf balls made of?

Nerf balls, invented by Reynolds Guyer and developed by Parker Brothers, are made from synthetic foam. Polyurethane material has COâ‚‚ released into it during processing, creating the air pockets w... Read More »

What are nerf footballs made of?

NERF footballs are toys that are designed to be used indoors. In order for users to safely use them inside of the house, they are made from soft foam. NERF footballs are also sometimes made from a ... Read More »

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