What is a Navy chaplain?

Answer Though the U.S. Navy is known for defending the country through its seagoing vessels, that branch of the armed forces must also serve the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of its members. One... Read More »

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How much does a chaplain with the navy earn?

Should a retired navy chaplain wear his uniform when performing priestly duties?

Chapter 6, Section 10 of the Navy's Uniform Regulations states that a retiree may wear a uniform for a formal occasion such as a wedding, funeral, military parade or meeting of a military organizat... Read More »

What is an army chaplain?

An army chaplain is a military officer who provides spiritual counseling to military service men and women both on U.S. military bases and overseas.There are a number of requirements for serving as... Read More »

What is the role of a chaplain?

Chaplains are members of the clergy that assist people with spiritual and emotional direction in nonreligious settings. Chaplains work in hospitals, prisons, airports, for the military and in unive... Read More »