What does the SEAL stand for in Navy SEAL?

Answer SEa Air Land that is what the name represents. These are the environments in which the SEALs operate.

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In the word Navy SEAL what is the acronym of SEAL?

What can be done to a Navy Seabee who is impersonating a navy seal?

he is really better, so what mind your own buisness you jealous

Do you really have to join the Navy to become a Navy Seal?

well, you're not going to join the boy scouts.of course you have to join the navy. that's why they call them navy seals...

What is the job of a navy seal?

1Gather intell, do and prepare for whatever we think will or might happen. #2 Catch someone (way more difficult) or #3 set and initiate an ambush. OR run towards water, because we are Navy Frogmen!!!